Broke But Happy

Most people say the best way to be happy is to never struggle financially. If you propose the question “can you live off $100 a month spending money?”

They will say no.

Remember. I said spending money. We’re talking about after all utility and rent are paid. You have a grocery budget for the month to make sure you don’t starve. All the important expenses are taken care of. Now you have $100 left to your name. Can you be happy with $100 monthly spending?

I know I can! I barely spend $80 a month. Most of the time I am buying books, applications, and software. Those are the only material things that make me happy. If you want me to list the non-material things, we would need a new post. I can write a book on simple things you can find in life.

Desires of Your Heart

Having desires for things that you cannot have makes you unhappy. If your desire is practical and it is easily obtainable, the success of fulfillment is the key to contentment. The things you crave may be things you see others have, but just because they have it does not mean you should want it.

Now if you want it and hesitate to go after it. Ask yourself ‘why?’ Why are you not reaching out for it? Is it a lack of confidence? That it may not be something you will be happy in the long run? Is it something that you cannot manage later in life?

There are reasons, but only you have answers.

Current Financial Crisis

Now if finance is the reason that you are not reaching out to the things you desire, I have some tips for you! Let the optimist introduce you to some alternative ways to earn some extra spending money, guilt-free! It takes patience, so if you love instant gratification, ignore this part.

There is nothing worse than not having spending money, but then again, there is nothing worse than spending too much money when you have nothing.

Check out these sites that I will review later this week to introduce you to ways to make legitimate money without giving up too much information.

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Branded Surveys

Inbox Dollars






If you have doubts about whether any of this works, stick around as I work on some reviews to get you started with these sites and lift you up financially. Here is how much I have made from the survey sites. You are more than welcome to ask me questions. These are the best online survey jobs if you ask me. I will find more for you soon.

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