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If you are like me, you never spent money you do not have meaning you have never had a credit card. In today’s age, if you do not have credit, you are nothing unless you want to rack up debts and that is your legacy with the credit bureau.

Thanks to Inbox Dollars, they introduced me to Self. I love this so much that I will share this with you.

What is Self?

Self is a Credit Builder Loan. This loan differs from the traditional loan. You put in money towards this loan and you receive it once we have completed all your payment.

You are paying ahead, and each payment helps towards your credit.

What is a Credit Builder Loan?

Not For Everyone

Since you are not getting the loan right away, I would not suggest this credit loan unless you are serious about building your credit and if you do not have at least $25 to spare once a month.

I chose the option of making a $25 payment each month until I have fulfilled the loan. If I have extra money lying around, I would double my payment. That is the plan.

Ways to Fulfill this Obligation

The money that I use towards this loan payment is from taking surveys. Yes! You heard that right. I make enough from surveys a month; I use some of it towards rebuilding my credit and put it away into savings.

Self offers a Self Visa credit card once you make three on-time payments, have at least $100 in your savings account, and a good standing account.

Since I do not have a steady income, meaning a steady paycheck each week because my pay comes from different clients based on the completed work, most credit card companies see me as a liability. I do not get approved for anything, including loans.

Learn More About Self Visa Credit Card

This form of credit building loan is something for a person like me who purchase everything with cash or debit. After one payment, my credit score jumped up. That was exciting. It was low because I had no debt. My income to debt ratio is 100% but on paper, I do not have a job lol.

Ready to build your credit?

If you are serious, I would highly recommend checking them out. You can sign up by clicking the link below.

Sign up for Self Now!

If you are afraid to start something that you can’t finish because of financial reasons, check out my recommended money maker article. The money you earn from these sites can go towards your $100 savings and satisfying the loan.

Hopefully, this will be something that you need and the information provided is effective for your lifestyle. If you have not subscribed for updates yet, do so with the link below. I will have more money-making reviews for you, money hunters! Here is to a brighter future!

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