Closure Comes in All Forms

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“Happiness is not about getting all you want. It’s about enjoying all you have.”


This post could not have come at a better time. Last night it faced me with something that happened a while ago that had me questioning many things. The relationships in my life.

I had a moment of truth.

Lies Makes People Happy

To keep it simple and short, everyone cross paths with people, build relationships, and sometimes it becomes an everlasting friendship. Then there are relationships that fell out. When there is a falling out, it usually means there is an issue.

Unfortunately, one side is always left with more questions than answers.

I had a falling out with someone close. No need to name names, but the situation could have been prevented if the person who was once dear to me would just discuss our indifferences. Instead, they decided to just toss it all out with no hesitation.

Unlike others. I always abide by their wishes and leave it at that. Most times my assumptions are always correct, but having the right answers makes me feel less like I am assuming off just about anything without proper facts to back it up.

Well, tonight it validated my assumptions on the situation. Someone who knew this person blurted out the reason this person did what they did. Then they added the laundry list of what they relayed to them.

It relieved me it came out because now I know that my instincts were correct and this person wanted nothing more than to continue lying about things that never happened. The lies were petty but after three years; it was still on their mind to continue lying about me and the situation. I figured this is one reason this person never confronted me with the issue because lying about it makes their own faulty truthful.

A bad chapter is over, and now a fresh one begins.

Optimistic Annie

I do not linger on terrible experiences. When something bad happens, I walk away and find something positive to look forward to. Most people that I have a falling out with love misery. They hate me because I am optimistic, and I have a healthy way of looking at critical things.

Optimism comes with issues. The main issue is that no one understands it. People don’t like what they do not understand. I fight tooth and nail each day, trying to explain to people that having this mindset is the greatest way of living life.

Now some people are way too optimistic that it can become impractical. It can lead to a directionless lifestyle but, hey! That person may be the happiest and most carefree individual you will ever meet. Would you rather meet that character or someone bitter? I prefer the optimistic nomad over the negative Nancy any day.

Writing is my Happiness

Sure, I am not ready to publish any of my books yet, but they are sitting here waiting for me to be ready. Instead, I spend my time wondering how I can make the books in my possession better. I am also having so much fun publishing my blogs, sharing my experience on new products, books, movies, etc.

I am at peace with the simplest things in life. I want to help people find inner peace and tranquility. Be where I am at. Therefore, I focus on self-growth, personal development, and being open about everything that I experienced in life.

If five people read my work and one person found use with the information, it makes me happy. I do not hold grudges, and I always wish everyone the best in life. People give me a reason to continue sharing, and I thank everyone for that.

Now I will go back to working on my craft. See how easy it is to let go.

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