Easier to Be Angry Than Happy

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There seems to be a trend of an angry generation. Most people prefer to blame a generation of entitlement but ironically I see people my age and older also spending a lot of time just being angry.

We can speculate on many things. Is it money issues? Harder to find relationships? Less meaningful friendship because of social media advancement?

Loneliness creates bitterness.

Remember that one old neighbor that lost his wife and kids are all grown up, so he’s basically alone in the world?

That’s the impression that I am getting out of society today. Quarantine has validated my theory. People are becoming more hostile because they do not have the interaction that they desire.

Let’s not get too philosophical in human behaviors. This article will focus on why it is easier to be angry than it is to be happy. Loneliness adds more to this equation that you’d expect.

Why People Complain

Part of being angry is the nonstop complaints about everything. That is basically the motto of today’s culture which created cancel culture or call-out culture. Half of the time, I don’t think these people even know why they are angry or what they are complaining about.

It is a new sport, and whoever screams the loudest is the winner.

I was curious about what others had to say about the reason behind why people complain and I came across this:

5 Reasons Why People Complain

I agree, and mostly with the ‘remove responsibility’ portion of this list. Most people hope that if they scream loud enough in displeasure, you would make the change for them. Then if the change did not work, they will not be responsible for it when, in actuality, it was they who wanted this change.

This is a sign of someone afraid of change and knows they will never e able to handle it if it confronted them with it.

I believe that is why these people embrace being angry over happiness. They were sheltered individuals who probably had everything done for them, every decision was set, and they were never told to think for themselves. They were never taught to communicate in real-life situations, and I can guarantee that leadership roles are lacking in their life.

Someone probably told them that if they just shout out in displeasure, they will sound like leaders, so they are taking advantage of it. Genuine leaders will find solutions in a less confrontational way.

Being angry defeats the true purpose of any message, but I guess it is easier to say life is not so simple. Everyone wants to be acknowledged for something, even if it means setting off the biggest outcry in the world for 15 minutes. It validates some people’s existence. Without that, it just means the future may tell a boring story.

But the real question is, will it be worth it? To look back twenty years from now and you are the face of anger, destruction, and unhappiness. What do you guys think? What’s your take on the angry generation? Leave it in the comment below.

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