Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Hello darkness, my old friends!

This website started off as a motivational website. I wanted to search for everything motivational to share and we can learn from each other. Then I realized I didn’t care about the topic. I was just settling.

I want to talk about EVERYTHING.

This website is being converted to something different. Something fun! I will share my passion with you, which is wasting time.

Why I Never Liked Niches

My interest in a variety of things makes me the worst person to stick to one topic. I haven’t come across someone who can talk about anything they encounter or heard just to have a conversation. I am approachable about all topics. Therefore, I became a reviewer. A promoter. A marketer. I just enjoy talking about anything.

No topic is off-limit unless the other person becomes uncomfortable with my response, then I’ll rethink having future conversations with them. Other than that, I have a new project right up my alley! Stick around.

What to Expect

I always ask weird questions that most people have no answer for or refuse to entertain, which is why I am always online. I am always looking for the answers to these questions.

This caused me to want to create a response channel on YouTube, a website, or even a podcast. The only reason I never completed the project or slack off is that I never knew exactly what I wanted to introduce to people.

I KNEW what I wanted to do, but at the moment; I didn’t know HOW I was supposed to introduce it.

The Idea

I was playing with Yoast yesterday for my websites and it kept telling me that my SEO needs work. No one is looking for this.

THAT sparked exactly what I needed to hear to trigger the idea. I wanted to respond to what I read and share what I learned. The exchange is what I wanted. Since no one wanted to have this conversation with me, I figured I would have this conversation with myself. Did that make sense?

If it doesn’t, it’s okay. Stick around. You’ll figure it out. Being curious makes me happy!