Happiness and What Makes You Happy

There are nights that I would browse through Word press readers to introduce myself to new thoughts, blogs, and writing. I often ask myself, “What is happiness, and what makes you happy?”

I came across this lovely photo and post. Sometimes the smallest and most simple things make a person the happiest.

Happiness is easy. It is as easy As we are ready to let go Of inhibitions, Of expectations, Of rules. Happiness is easy. It can come to anyone who wants it No matter where, No matter when, No matter how. Happiness is easy. It is as ample As we make it Even […]

Happiness is NOT Difficult


I am in the middle of looking for a new place to move to. My husband has a fresh idea of what a cheerful home would look like while my idea is also different. The one thing that we can both agree on is the price and efficiency.

He loves extravagant things while I can live in a small studio and make the space homely. We also agree with the privacy and being away from the world. We will look into that but aesthetically, we can not agree on what is best. Until that time comes, we’ll just have separate dreams.

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I enjoy being a free spirit. Waking up in the middle of nowhere with the trees saying hello makes me happy. I enjoy lengthy road trip to the middle of nowhere. Having basic things to meet my needs brings my spirits up. I need nothing fancy. I want things to be memorable and irreplaceable. If what I have can be upgraded, I can wait for something worth the purchase. If it is unique and can be taken care of for life, I love it with all my heart.

We design happiness to show what satisfaction in life would look and feel like. You cannot be happy with something temporarily. That does not mean you are happy. If you constantly want things because the last item became dull to your liking, you were never happy.

Reach within yourself. Observe what can make you smile day in and day out. Ask yourself what you can talk about for hours and never get exhausted?


I love sharing unfamiliar things that I love. Knowing that someone finds the information useful makes me happy. A cup of coffee with extra cream and sugar makes me happy. I love sharing ways to bring happiness into people’s lives. 

It isn’t hard to accept happiness because we all deserve to understand and feel it. When we reject happiness, the world will feel cold, misplaced, and depressed. There was a time when I thought ‘maybe it was just easier for people to reject the feeling of happiness because vulnerability comes with it.’

Those who cannot trust themselves in the middle of this wonderful feeling may understand themselves more than we think. They probably know that they can become easily manipulated by those preying on a weaker mind. 

Therefore, I never bother trying to talk someone out of what they believe they know best for themselves. You cannot help those who already have answers but pretend to be unaware of them.

So let us ask that question again to start the conversation.

What is happiness, and what makes you happy?


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