Happy Peoples Facts

You are being lied to if someone approaches you with ten best ways to be happy or offering a lesson on the art of happiness. Don’t you get why paying a ton of money on therapy sessions really does not get you anywhere?

Happiness is not something you can snap your fingers at and hope you will experience it.

It is something that you must want! It is actually not that hard to achieve. Let’s make this clear about something. This article will not list ways to make you happy but to share with you that happiness is achievable, and it exists. I am living proof.

Things that you need not make you happy are:




♡An outstanding paying job


♡Close family



If you disagree and still think those things is the required necessity to make you happy, then you just figured out why you are unhappy.

I Am Unhappy with my Life

If you truly believe that you need material things, closeness of others, to feel needed and wanted but have not figured out what you want for yourself, then you are unhappy with life. Those things you want are a moment of craving. If you cannot figure yourself out, material things become a temporary relief for happiness and close relationships cure loneliness for the moment, but no one sticks around forever.

Most people would tell me to hush it because I do not have a degree in psychology to even speak on this topic. What about life experience?

My Story

Family disowned me since I was twelve years old. I was homeless three times in my life. Money became a means of living whether it is to rent a room, get a shower somewhere, or travel somewhere far. Food became an energy booster and not a necessity. I always found odd jobs every year and make enough for rent now, and my monthly spending budget is under $100! Some months I do not even spend a dime.

I realize that what makes me happy is the simplicity of life.

I have many successful friends who lives each day in despair because they have a large student loan debt. They have credit card bills and their rent is so high because they need to live in a pleasant place. Even when they are with people, they would tell me they feel so lonely.

When I ask why, they never know.

Now if they flip the question back to me, asking why am I so happy? I have a ton of response for that!

  1. I am alive!
  2. I have experience many things. Homelessness being one of them.
  3. I live each day with the idea that the next day will be better
  4. I stay busy learning new things
  5. I don’t let other people’s problems bother me

Your Life is Your Priority

Fun fact about happy people is that we make our life our key priority. You can identify happy people asking “what can I do to improve myself today?” Yes, they are always looking for ways to develop themselves, new interests, and researching unknown places to go.

Not all cares about traveling to islands or any of that stuff.

They will venture around the city or town they live in and enjoy the beauty of their surrounding. Every minor thing put a smile on their face.

Not all joyful people are on drugs. That is one misconception because how can anyone be so happy, right? We, as humans release this thing call endorphin. That little happy sensation is simple to secrete. Do things that allow you to feel happy to experience them.

Overall, it is easy to get to that point in life. It is less exhausting to be happy than to feel sad. I understand that some people will get defensive and tell me I do not understand about chemical imbalances in most human that causes depression, anxiety, or any of those things.

If you find any form of happy content offensive, this blog will not be for you.

There are way too many people capitalizing on sadness and depression. I have started this website to counter that because happiness exists and yes, happy people do NOT understand sad people. I always hear that line, so I am turning it back and flipping the script.

While sad people despise those who seem way too happy, I have never seen a happy person dismiss someone who is avoidant, angry, or moody. Maybe there should be more people speaking out on happiness so this way, sad people can be exposed to it and can help them out.

Thanks for checking out this post. My first post out of many!

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