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Welcome back, money hunter! Yes. I will call my audience that from now on because if you are here, you must be interested in ways to make money. Today we will do a survey site review such as Inbox Dollars.

I will not hold back details, so check these out. At the end of the article, if you feel like this is the survey site for you, sign up under my referral.

While searching whether Inbox Dollars was a scam or is it legit, the negative reviews were written from Wealthy Affiliate linkers. That just says a lot. Most of these reviewers are affiliate marketers who will plug in their referral links for their “How I make my passive income” link, show you a proof of their income, and tell you you should waste time joining their affiliate program.

I have nothing against Affiliate Marketers because I am one, too! I have also tried Wealthy Affiliate and if you want my observation on it, let me know. I can also introduce you to different affiliate programs that are free and have incentives that you cannot pass up on!

What is Inbox Dollars?

Whenever you search up survey reviews, you will come across some very negative articles or very vague introductions by someone who will tell you to just use their referral. This makes the whole thing feel like a scam or a waste of time.

In all honesty, I have signed up for Inbox Dollars a long time ago. I never put in the time to play with it because.. life.

During quarantine, I started putting some dedicated time to Inbox Dollars.

There are several ways you can make money. A few I would recommend and a few I would not, but it is entirely up to you. Different strokes for different folks. We will get into those options right after I give you a little more insight on Inbox Dollars.

Inbox dollars is a survey site that also offers other incentives besides surveys to members. It is very similar to Swagbucks minus the point usage. Either way, it pays you based on your task whether it is accepting an offer, read an email, completing a survey, referrals, or watching a short video. I won’t get too deep into a lot of things because it is better that you experience it for yourself, but let’s cover the basics.

Ways to Make Money


The first option is completing surveys. Now here is something I found out. If your account is fairly new and you haven’t completed your profile, you will get the penny surveys more than you would the higher-paying surveys. Have some patience. Let your account mature and you will start getting better-paying surveys. It will finally feel like a time well spent.

The highest survey that I came across was $5. I was surprised that I did not get rejected. It happens here and there if your demographic is not what the customer is looking for.

Now I have been reading through these critical reviews and most call this the ‘penny inbox’. I wouldn’t recommend listening to these people because they probably tried it for a few days, kept getting denied, and call it off as an unpleasant experience.

Here is my proof that I get more than just a penny for each survey. It all adds up.

Accepting Offers

Inbox Dollars have an offer section for members where you can try out things and earn money. The catch is that you have to pay first, but they pay you back. So if you end up paying for something at $20 and your inbox rewards are $30, you’d be making $10 from the purchase plus your $20 back.

Some of these offers are worth the try. If it was not for Inbox dollars, I would never have heard of Varo Banking. There is no cost or maintenance fee using Varo, and their Savings account is the best one that I came across! The downside is that it is a virtual bank, so I am not sure there is a branch location. I must create a separate review of this bank.

Besides banking offers, you get paid to download apps and get paid. The catch is to play it to a certain level and BAM! Easy money! Here is proof. Best of all, you do not have to make any purchase with these games. Just play it leisurely.

Inbox Dollars Games

Yeah, bruh! You get paid to play the games on Inbox Dollars. I honestly did not know that until I was messing with the gaming options. It is available on their phone app. You can just play in bed.

Here is my proof of payment.

Cash Backs

Just like your favorite credit card or money wallet, Inbox Dollars have an option to get cash back. You can install Billie, which is the Inbox Dollar extension to your browser, and it will pull up savings for you. Very simple and easy to use.

Paid Email

Every day, Inbox Dollars will send you an email and once you confirmed that you have read it, you will get paid. Fairly simple and most of the email includes some exceptional offers. Definitely should check it out.


This is actually a fun part that most people failed to mention because they do not want to turn people away from clicking their links. I believe if you plan to be transparent, go all the way. You are not breaking any rules and it is better to be honest for the sake of Inbox Dollars’ reputation and yours as a member.

Once someone signs up under your link, you get a dollar for introducing them. The new member will get $5 for verifying their account. Now here is the fun part. I referred husband, who ends up enjoying Inbox Dollars as much as I do. Each time he completed a task, I also get paid. It is not much, but you get something for having them as a member under your wings.

Here is proof.

Last but Not Least

.. watching videos! I saved this one for last because I do not recommend this option. You get a penny or two for watching ten back-to-back videos. These videos can take up to twenty minutes. Even the surveys pay more for your time, so this can be something you may be interested in, but it is not for me.

Inbox Rewards

Ahh. The best part. How does Inbox Dollars Pay?!

It pays in monopoly money.

No, I’m kidding.

There are several ways that Inbox Dollars pays you, and one of them is PayPal. There is a $30 requirement before cashing out. Just recently, Inbox Dollars changed its payment system. Before the change, I could request the total amount in dollars and cents. If I made $49.00 ($19 above the threshold), I can request all of it to go towards my PayPal account.

When the change was implemented, I can only request a set amount. Here is an example.

This makes me sad because if I made $49.00 and I want the entire thing, I would have to request a check sent to me or else request $40 towards PayPal and keep the $9 in my Inbox Dollars account and hit the $30 threshold again.

As for the other forms of payments, I am not sure if I should list it since it might change, but just remember that they are all ready to cash out as soon as you hit $30.

Now for transparency! I mentioned that I just started messing with Inbox Dollars and dedicating at least three hours once a week playing with it. Here is my proof of what I made.

Since I mess with it once a week, I get four payments. I am waiting on this one to go through.

I always wanted to make sure I hit the threshold once a week.

Final Thoughts

Now! After reading everything that I have presented to you, do you think you can handle Inbox Dollars? Want to learn how I make it seem so simple to meet the cash out requirement? First, you’d have to join and browse around the dashboard. If you feel the need to ask questions, leave the comment down below.

Join Inbox Dollars and Receive $5!

Next, I will review a few more survey sites so you do not want to miss that! Sign up for the newsletter and let’s connect!

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