Is Tailwind App Right For You?

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I guess it is time to talk about Tailwind App. At the end of this article you can ask yourself, is the Tailwind App right for you?

What is Tailwind App?

Tailwind App is the Hootsuite on crack. If you would like to get my take on Hootsuite, let me know. This is a social media scheduler for two platforms: Pinterest and Instagram. The only difference is the tribe.

The Tailwind App has two options for you. A free account with limited ability and the premium service, which gives you unlimited scheduling. I do not have a premium account, but I have linked both my Instagram and Pinterest to this service.

I enjoy this site, but there is only one problem, which is one reason I have not signed up for premium services yet. Each time I try to enter my tribe to share my posts and pin my tribe’s contents, the Tailwind App freezes and kicks me off.

The purpose of the Tribe and the best part about this tool is having a community that helps each other grow. It would defeat the purpose of being here if I cannot use this option. I already felt guilty for sharing ten of my posts in one tribe before freezing up and couldn’t pin anyone’s post. I felt like a fraud and like I was cheating someone of a share if they end up sharing my post.

Freezing is normal, I read it somewhere. I have to find that help article again. The representative of the Tailwind App responded and said that you should delete your cache and clear your history to speed up the applications. I have already tried all of that move, including going back into the old dashboard. I thought the issue was the newer version, but I still crashed. Yeah, the dashboard had a facelift.

The issue may be the server. It cannot handle this amount of users who are very active. It happens.

I would pay for the service if the Tailwind app updates its server issue to adapt to larger traffic. Until then, I will stay with the free version. I must keep checking in to add more pin since the free service has limited scheduling. With a Pinterest free account, it allows you to schedule up to 100 pins at a time and Instagram is 30 at a time. So if one of your scheduled posts is up, it freed up one space.

Benefits of Pinterest

With the Pinterest account, it allows you to check your boards in. The Tailwind app analyzes how well your boards are doing. The paid membership also adds some benefits.

With the free account, you can see how many pins and followers your board has. The added benefits of an upgrade come with how many Řepín, comments, the virality score, and engagements your board has. Basically, you will have more metrics appear for you without having to go between Pinterest’s business dashboard and the Tailwind App.

You can also inspect your pin with options to reschedule your pin from any board.

Once you have claimed your website on Pinterest, it will gather all of your articles under the Pin inspection tab. This is where you can re-schedule the pin, add it to Tribe, add it to Smart Loop, or find similar content. This is available under the free account. You also have the option to pin from your Instagram account and vice versa.

Smart Loop gives you the option to keep your boards re-pinned on auto. I have not used it yet, so my experience is nonexistent. I find it interesting, but I would prefer to come in and check for new things.

Benefits of Instagram

You can schedule up to 30 pins at a time. The one thing I like about this tool is the hashtag. The Tailwind app pulls up the most used hashtag for your post. That is one thing that I did not get when using Hootsuite.

The metric is not very impressive because I get the same from Instagram insights. Plus, upgrade your account to get comments analytics and likes. Another thing you can pull up using Instagram insights. The acts as a landing page for you on your Instagram profile. If you are not aware that you cannot share links on your photo posts unless you reached a set amount of following, then now you are. With, it allows you to add links to your photo and many other things.

My landing page shows all my websites and I could add my merch store. It is a good way to link your followers to your other external profile.

How Much?

Now on to the best part. The price for an upgrade.

Who doesn’t like free? Then again, if the product is great, you know the benefits of an upgrade may work well for you. As I mentioned above, if the Tailwind app resolves the server issues, I would jump at the upgrade in a heartbeat because I like the product. I just don’t enjoy getting booted each time I am trying to pin a post by another tribe member.

The price for an upgrade is $119.88 per social profile. The benefits that come with it are:

If you believe that this is something that fits your lifestyle, try it. Everyone experiences things differently. You can also sign up using my referral link below. Once you sign up, we both get $15 each. That is a win.

Get $15 for Signing up with Tailwind App

Now! If you are already using the Tailwind App, let me know how you like it. What are some things you would like to share that I missed? Leave it in the comment below. I would love to hear it!

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