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Qmee is instant cash for survey sites. I have been testing several sites and Qmee was one of my favorites. That is the keyword: was.

I made the mistake of creating my login off my Facebook. Since I deleted my Facebook, I have no more logins. I made the mistake to contact them to change my email since there is no option to do so.

I have no access to the email connected to Facebook because I sold the domain years ago.

Well, after three days of connecting with them and the first day very unproductive, I realize that there is no communication between any of the parties who handled my situation.

I believe I spoke with an Olivia, a Jake from state farm, and two more people.

Each one started the conversation with, “how many other people in your household have an account?”

Now, this is the funny part. I had another account that I made a year after I signed up for Qmee under Facebook and forgot about it because when I tried to link my PayPal, it says I attach it to another account.

I tracked it down by signing up under my PayPal email and unfortunately, that was not the email. After researching some more, I figured it was a Facebook login. The two first account I made unknowingly became a distant memory.

Then when I was trying to login to my browser after I deleted my email, it automatically ran my work email and opened a new account.

I was transparent with the Customer service team about it and they lectured me about having multiple accounts. I owned up to it, but they were ‘inactive’. I was not using them because I only have one PayPal. What is the point of creating more accounts if I cannot cash out?

After confirming those multiple accounts nearly 16 hours later, they said they will delete those accounts and I can still log in using my Facebook.

Wait. Didn’t I just said I cannot login using Facebook?

So now I asked again, “Can you help me change my email then?”

Now, kids. Remember, I said this is about 16 hours later. They finally have an answer.

“No, we cannot BUT we can turn one of those accounts back on for you.”

Confused Much

Now my next question is this. “Can I attach my PayPal to the new account since I link it to the Facebook login one?”

No response. I tested that theory out on my husband’s PayPal account because one of the deleted accounts was linked to his throw away PayPal.

Nope. It says that PayPal is connected to another account. Hmm but that account is deleted. Terminated. Therefore, once they delete your account, your PayPal is still linked to that account, which means you cannot start anything new with your PayPal account.

I just told them to delete my Qmee because I do not want to see that anymore.

Websites Like Qmee

Qmee had no cash-out limit which was why I stayed with them but if customer service is that bad, I would not want to deal with them. There is a note stating that if your survey lags or you do not get paid for it, you must contact support. I have had this happened many times, but I just brushed it off. Imagine if I were hard for cash and wanted to make an enormous deal, it would render them useless helping me out.

Qmee is legit. You can make plenty of money. Declines happen but it is all based on demographics. That goes with any survey sites.

That is my experience and I am not telling you how to think but if you ever have issues, do not count on them.

Here is a list of other survey sites that is legit and pays you well. They have a limit to cash out but making up $5 to $10 is all in a day’s work. You can make more if you dedicate more hours to giving your opinion.

Branded Surveys

Inbox Dollars


LifePoints Panel



Survey Junkie


People will dislike a survey site because they will get declined, or they felt like it wasn’t making them rich quick enough. Doing surveys online helped pay off thousands of dollars in bills for me. It is worth it but there are some tips and pointers for you. I will create an outline for those who seriously want to make some extra income for rainy days.

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