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What is SOTG? It is short for Surveys on the Go! It is a survey app and a daily survey panel that I like a lot. There are mixed feelings about this from friends and family that have or are trying it because they said they kept getting declined.

I think the demographics for most of the survey available for SOTG is slim.

I fit in the married couple without kids, with a household income between $25k to $75k. My friends who have kids get declined before they even started. Now not that I do not get declined, but 99% of the time, I have a suitable amount of surveys popped up in my account.

SOTG is not like the other survey sites that I tried. There is a cash-out limit. You can only cash out once you hit the $10 threshold. The surveys appear when it wants to, so you have to keep checking in on the app to make sure you missed nothing.

Am I Just Lucky?

I am not sure it is luck. I think I responded quickly, and my decline rate is low, so more surveys appear for me. Every survey site rates your performance because they have a bot detecting system. There are a few ways to avoid getting hit with that. It is the way you answer your timing when responding, and how detailed you are with your response if the questions require typing in a few sentences.

You remember that these surveys are for businesses to understand the needs of consumers and how their products are being viewed. These are valuable information to them. In return for your time, they compensate you.

By spending an excellent amount of time on each survey platform, I can get very great paying surveys and have been cashing out each week while most people wait weeks. I started off spending only a few hours on seven survey sites but now that I have been seeing an appreciable amount of income from this; I am testing out how much can I make in a week at X-amount of hours.

Is SOTG Legit?

Heck yeah! But do not expect to get rich off this app. It comes and goes. For those who are impatient, this may not be the app for you. It is something you can download and leave alone on your phone. Check-in during the afternoon to see if there is a recent survey because it normally does not notify you.

I use SOTG to save up on digital funds for Amazon.

You have options to cash out in other ways. You can cash out using PayPal, Amazon gift card, a Visa card, or a Starbucks card. I choose Amazon because I am always in there buying books and things that I may need. I am a Prime girl. Makes sense that I allocated funds over there and add extra money when I have it.

Their customer service is also very good! I had to contact them once, and they solved everything for me plus more. They checked up on me and made sure there were no more issues. I think the experience made me keep SOTG around even though I only get 2-5 surveys a day haha.

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This is my experience is always great with SOTG. I enjoy having them in my notifications and I jump on the surveys quickly. Most are not long and there are some very expensive ones that come through. The most I had come across was a $20 survey SEVEN times! I got declined, but it is okay. At least I know they offer something in that price range.

So have you tried SOTG? What is your experience with it? Let me know. Let’s have a conversation.

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