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Welcome back, Money Hunter. How are you on this lovely cold autumn day? I hope well because today we are talking about websites and analytics.

I haven’t been working on my websites for almost a month, and the search terms that brought a new audience here were just too hilarious. I have to share why. Before we get into that, let us discuss the analytics and why it is a website’s lifeline.

Search Terms

Every website and platform has analytics that helps you analyze where your potential growth is. I honestly should make a YouTube video on this, but that can come at a later date.

Word press, which is my website host for my domain, has many analytic options for plugins. I use two specific plugins that focus on my website growth. Monster Insight for insights, and I use Jetpack for audience retentions. I have also attached my Site Kit by Google but I only use that plugin for my monetized websites since it renders useless if you are not monetized. The information provided serves a purpose if it attaches your Adsense account.

I would love to dive deeper into Monster insight and Jetpack but I will do that as a review, so stay tuned. Today, we are only talking about Analytics, search terms, and why it is important.

What Brings You Here?

Normally, the search terms that bring in a new audience would update in a 24-hour period, so it is good to make a habit of always checking because the most popular term should be your next article as a blogger.

If your website is a retail site, focus on that product because it is a need. Someone is looking for this specific item, so do what you have to bring them back. As a website owner, regardless of what your website is about, has a role that should never feel personal. Your intention is to get the attention of others.

I make a habit of writing articles based on what others are searching up, even on my personal blog. It works wonderfully. The key thing is not to clickbait. Create a genuine piece of readable for your new viewers and focus on what is important to them.

On this website, my popular search terms were product reviews. People are genuinely interested in new software, reviews on surveys, and work from home ideas. These are topics that I place significant emphasis on this website in particular so I am glad the most popular search term matches the ideas I have on this website. No clickbait here.

Platform Users

Users on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have a build-in analytic. Most people are not familiar with it because it is available for business accounts.

Besides Twitter and YouTube.

Twitter has one regardless of what kind of account you have.

Many people are unaware of this feature because, like most, they are only using their accounts to post. All the numbers can become confusing, but with a little observation, it will blow their mind.

The analytics will provide insights on what kind of post is attracting people to your account. It will not come in the form of a search term, but more of an impression. The impression is within reach or what people on Twitter would call ‘ratio’.

Unlike search term options, the impression can sway between good impressions and terrible impressions. You’d have to be the judge of that one. These are things that bring others through to your account through viral shares, conversations, etc. It is not how they found you, but why did they find you. Did that make sense?

Let’s speak on search terms versus Impressions through laments terms.

If you are seeking something, you will search a topic online because you are genuinely looking for answers. The link you click will give the writer the information of what is useful for future writing projects.

The impression would be less searched and more share. How many people are talking about this article, and why? This is where you would have to do your own research on why your number is so high. Was the article controversial? Was it so helpful that an entire community is talking about it?

Now as a writer, you can use the same topic and continue talking about it or dismiss it all together depending on what form of impression you received from that piece of article.

Want to Understand More?

I will discuss the different analytics, whether it is a Word press plugin or they build it into a platform. If you would love to learn more about analytics and how you can use it to grow your digital image, sign up for the newsletter, and subscribe to this website. Once I have updated and publish a new article, you will be the first to know.

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