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There are many things I look for on a website when I am browsing. Is this site user friendly? What kind of website is it? Is this website useful to everyone? Is there an affiliated link?

User Friendly

Is it easy on the eyes? Is the navigation easy to use and find? Is it attractive? Come on. Be realistic. When it is unattractive, users will refuse to use it. I know that is not the correct definition of user-friendly, but I am coining it in. I might have to update the definition of the urban dictionary. The best source for the narrative to fit your needs.

Everyone has a short attention span. As a website consultant and reviewer who has people interested in understanding what I think of a certain digital footprint, I enjoy picking on the details to help users and companies alone. I make it a mission to showcase my finding.

Type of Websites

I love blogs. I don’t think there are enough blogs out there compared to the list of corporate websites and online retailers taking up space on the front page of a search result. Not everyone has the budget to beat these websites to get them promoted for people to view.

I will delegate a space to review blogs. There is no limit to what I will review. It is whatever I come across and find interesting. People might tell me I am wasting time, but I am doing this for myself as much as I am doing it for you. I want to archive sites I come across regardless of the topic. It will be my personal screenshot of history.

Is it Useful

Maybe it will be. There are so many people with an original interest. One person may be interested in knowing what is on a website before they click it, and another might want to create the same business. There are so many possibilities for what people look for in certain things. I am here to help show you the way.

Heck. This is my interest. I enjoy showing off what I came across, even if you don’t care about it. Sharing is caring!

Affiliate Links

This is the fun part! As a digital marketer, I enjoy knowing whether a company has an affiliated link also known as a referral link. Mostly when you share a product from a company, they love making sure they take care of you. While one link may be useful to you, it may not be for someone else. It all depends on your audience and their interest.

I’ll be covering a lot of affiliate programs and this will be one of my top reviewed topics because I want you to succeed when you start your own websites too!

Time is Money

Keep telling yourself this. It is not fair to you when you are introducing people to new things and you’re not getting anything out of it. You can always do it in good favor, but when you have a platform, it is good to get paid to market for a company.

Therefore, always make sure you can get a referral link. Most companies love knowing that you are happy with their products and do not mind sharing it. It brings them business and you should be able to get some incentives.

Now there are people who will refer others just to get paid and although that is not illegal or immoral, it is just plain stupid and untrustworthy. That’s why you have sites like mine where I will discuss everything about the website, the company, and the product before I share it with you. I will not sway you into signing up for anything. You have the option to do that yourself.

I will provide the details and links. That will be it! I refuse to be that person who manipulates you to gain capital.

That is the update I have for today! If you are interested in reviews of all types, sign up for the newsletter so it updates you when I release my next articles!

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